Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PageRank - Google PR SERP Important of PR - From professionals

What is Google Page Rank?

If you're involved in SEO, or have the Google Toolbar installed in your browser, chances are you'll have come across Google page rank.

Google Page Rank basically a score for your website out of 10 based upon how important Google think you're page is in the whole scheme of interweb searchery.

By important, Google means how many people link to your page, the more pages there are, the more relevant your page must be.  But that's not quite it, it's no good having thousands of links to your page if they're not important pages themselves, so in turn, it is also determined by the quality of the pages that link to you.

Google themselves say the importance is made up of over 500 million variables and 2 billion terms, whilst Wikipedia have a "simplified" algorithm that in my opinion is anything but,  mind you, maths was never my forte.

In a nutshell, more quality links = higher page ranks.  Like with many SEO techniques, Google page rank alone will not guarantee you a high ranking, but it will help, it's more than likely that pages with a lower page rank will appear above yours if they have managed to crack other areas of SEO.

Rest assured though, if you have a number of quality links to your page, it's SERP (search engine results page) ranking will improve along with it's page rank, which will do you no harm at all in the SEO world.

Realistically speaking, as a small business owner you should probably be aiming for a score of around 2 or 3 once you're site is established in the Google.  High scores of 7 or above to be reserved for the big players, such as Microsoft, Apple and Google themselves (the google home page gets 10)

Google Page Rank Inbound/Backlink Implementation

The page rank of a page depends on the number and page rank metric of all pages that link to it. A page that is linked to, by many pages with high page rank receives a high rank itself. Implementing BackLinks from other high page rank sites will determine the popularity or importance of your website and result in a higher ranking in Google.

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